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MP Bhulekh records include many types of details such as sales functions that have been created by many government departments. Bhulekh is an important document, you can give it to the court in the case of any land as evidence.

It also includes records of crop inspection, rights, tenant, register (RTC) along with land-related details, and in addition, the records include details like the size of land, soil type of land, and irrigation use of crops in the land.

To see the land record of Khasra Khatauni map in Madhya Pradesh, Follow the guidelines given below.

Mp Bhulekh step 1
Mp Bhulekh step 1

You have to visit the Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh online portal

  • According to the image below, you have to first select your district map.
Mp Bhulekh step 2

You can run according to the image given above by step number

  1. Select your district according to one number in the image.
  2. Then choose your tehsil name.
  3. Then select your village name.
  4. Then click on the measles number.
  5. Then choose your measles number from the measles number.
  6. Now you have to film capsa.
  7. Now click on view details
Mp Bhulekh step 3

The page that will open in front of you is your Jamabandi and if you click on this eye icon is created, then you will see different Jamabandi which has the name of the owner, and how much land, how many Khasra number, all that. In front of you.

Mp Bhulekh step 4
  • This form is for applicant information only.
  • It cannot be used as evidence in any court.
  • Apply for a digital copy from the IT center, public service center, or online.
  • Contact the District Tehsil concerned to improve or amend the trends.

How helpful is the MP Bhulekh online portal for us?

Through the MP online Bhulekh portal, we can take out the land record of any land and what lands are owned by that land, how much land is there, how old is the record of the land, what is happening on that land, We can get information about any type of farming that is being done in the land.

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