Jharbhoomi | Apna khata check and download

Jharbhoomi | The Revenue Department has made its account Bhulekh Khatauni Khatian Register 2 available online. Now any person can get the details of his plot of land sitting at home.

About of Jharbhoomi

The Jharkhand government has created a web portal for the citizens of its state. Where all the documents related to the land have been made available, but the information of how to get the land records from this web portal is not known, most people in Jharkhand are not, able to take advantage of it.

Jharbhumi is an online portal from where we can get any type of information about our land, otherwise, we had to go to Patwari or any government official for this, but now for any kind of information, we have to go Patwari No need to.

List of districts of Jharkhand whose land record is available online

1 Garhwa13 Simdega
2 Palamu14 Ranchi
3 Latehar15 Khunti
4 Chatra16West Singhbhum
5Hazaribagh17 Saraikela Kharsawan
6Koderma18East Singhbhum
7Giridih19 Jamtara
8Ramgarh20 Deoghar
9Bokaro21 Dumka
11गुमला – Gumla23Godda
12 Lohardaga24ahebganj

how to check land record in Jharbhoomi, step by step

  • To see the online record of your land, first, you need to visit the official website of the Jharkhand Revenue Department.
  • When you come to this portal, you will have some such interface as shown in the image, here you will get an option, click on Apna khata dekhe.
Jharbhoomi portal
  • When you click on Apna khata dekhe, a front-page will open in front of you, on which you will see a map of all the districts of Jharkhand from which you will have to click on your respective district map.
Jharkhand district map
  • When you click on your district, another one will open in front of you, of which you click on the map of your area.
  • When you click on the map of your area, the next page will open in front of you and there you will have three options to choose one by one, Select them.
Jharkhand area map
  • First of all, you have to select your Halaka.
  • Then select variety land(किस्म जमीन).
  • And then now select your moja(मौजा), As shown in the image below.
Jharbhoomi | How to check and download Apna khata
  • Choose one of the different search options
    • View all accounts of Mauja by name
    • View all accounts of Mauza by Khesra number
    • View by account number
    • See the name of the account holder
  • Then click find the account.
  • Now among the list below, next to your name, click on View, As shown in the image.
How to check and download Apna khata
  • After this process, you can see the online record of your land, it is your jamabandi, you can also print it

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