bhulekh Odisha | How to Check bhulekh in Odisha

How to check land records online in Odisha, we will discuss this in detail in this article today. The Odisha government has made Bhulekh available online so that the citizens of the state can check their land records online.

About in bhulekh Odisha

This has been started by Odisha Revenue Department. Through which now it has become very easy for the people of the state to get a record of their land.

Step-by-step let’s see how to check Odisha Bhulekh records. Through the Odisha Bhulekh portal, you can check the land records by the tenant’s name Khatian and plot

As per the number in the image below

 bhulekh Odisha step 1
step 1

First of all, you have to open the official website of Odisha Bhulekh

  1. select your district name.
  2. Select your tehsil name.
  3. select your village name.
Bhulekh records step 2
step 2
  1. Select Your Khatian.
  2. Then click on the ROR front page

Now your Bhulekh record will appear in front of you as mentioned in the image below.

Bhulekh records  step 3
step 3

Now you will see three options just below your land record. You can go to the back page by clicking on it or you can print your land record.

How to view the land map or plot map online

Go to Bhulekh Odisha online portal and then click on the view map

  step 4

Then select your district name.

step 5

Then click on three line.

  1. select District name
  2. select Tahsil name
  3. select a RI name
  4. select village name
  5. select sheet number
  6. then click on the line
 step 6

You can zoom or view this map. As shown in the image below.

 step 7

In this way, we can see Odisha Bhulekh online.

bhulekh the Importance of document

Land records are essential documents during the sale or purchase of a property and come in handy at that time, it confirms the ownership of the land and can also be produced in court in case of any land dispute.

Benefits of online bhulekh

In the old times, we had to go round the government officers to get the Bhulekh but now it has gone online and can be downloaded and printed anytime

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