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Bhulekh Delhi | The revenue department has made all the necessary documents related to Delhi land available online, which any person can view online records of any land or plot as per their requirement, and can know who is the owner of the land or plot.

For this, the Revenue Department has opened an online web portal, where they have uploaded the necessary documents of all the lands coming up in relation to them, from where one can get the documents of land or his plot.

About of Bhulekh Delhi Portal

All the state governments in India have made their state land records online, keeping this in mind, the Delhi government has opened an online portal where they have provided the necessary documents of the land, now any person can get their land online Can check records.

Briefly speaking, Bhulekh Delhi is a portal through which you can easily obtain land records data, copy of Jamabandi, land map, information about the owner of land records online, otherwise, We had to visit Patwari. So now you can do all this work sitting at home online. To get an online copy of your land or plot, this article will tell you to step by step.

Bhulekh Delhi | How to check and download Bhulekh

Bhulekh Delhi | How to check and download Bhulekh
  • To check the online record of your land or your plot or to download a copy of it, first of all, you have to visit the official website of Delhi Bhulekh.
  • When you go to the official website of Revenue Department Delhi, then you will have three options in front of which you have to click on the (नक्शा / GIS Map See GIS map) option.
  • When you click on the map, it may be in front of you, some message will come up (You are being redirected to an external website), then you click “OK” to fix it.
Bhulekh map in derail
  • Now in front of you, there is an icon of 1 plus and minus on the left side, you can search by zooming your plot by clicking on it.
  • Otherwise, you want to search your plot according to your measles number, then click on the option given above.
Bhulekh Delhi khasra information
  • You will have a box open in front of which there will be options for District Tehsil Khasra number etc. You can fill in all those options correctly and search your plot.
  • All the options are shown correctly in the image.
  • Now the thing is on the download map, there is an option under the box, you can print it by clicking on “Ownership Details”.
  • When you click on the ownership details, another popup will open in front of you – there are options to close, print, and zoom out, you can download and print your plot map using those options, or zoom You can see it out.
print bhulekh map

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